To combine well-being on all fronts, I have chosen to introduce something that I call Walk & Talk. This means that we meet outside my premises and then we go for a spin, where depends on the weather and relationship and at the same time we get time to talk about the ones that weigh you down. There is brain research that suggests that this form of treatment can make you easier at ease and the brain may also be active in this.According to health researchers, 2.5 hours of light exercise a week is enough for significant health benefits and you can clearly see links between movement and creativity. According to the book "Hjärnstark - how exercise and exercise strengthen your brain" by Anders Hansen, chief physician in psychiatry, this very topic touches on. In that book you can read about the different effects of moving 

* Blood flow in the brain increases - stimulates new thoughts and reasoning.

* So-called "happiness substances" such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine are secreted, which make you think more positively.

* Reduced stress, worry and anxiety after a walk.

* Changes that occur in your surroundings also provide new perspectives mentally, which can accelerate the change that you want to achieve. 

This activity should not be weather-controlled, but if it rains / snows, we can only take clothes after that. If you want to bring the stroller with you so that they can more easily walk and talk or take the opportunity to walk the dog, you can combine these two things so that you feel that you have got a time for yourself, but still come stronger from there as we have also worked on the mental.