What I want to reach out with when it comes to any of my lectures is just how to Get Up After Losing a Child. I also have a lecture where I want to break down Codependency into being something that is so much bigger than we can comprehend. When I talk to people about this, many people think that they are something that people who have lived close to a drug addict or alcoholic can be, but I would say that this is one of the most common "common diseases" we have in our society.To think that they are as simple as that they are just a certain category of people who fall into it is to make them easy. Today, many people live as codependents on their jobs, in relation to their children, in the circle of friends, etc. I want to break this down to what they really are and then help people build a safe and strong self-esteem to be able to set their limits.

My experiences of lectures have been at IOGT-NTO (SoberOctober campaign 2021), as well as at Connextions Norrbotten's family days 2020. I also work as an information officer at SuicideZero where I train people in their Dare to Ask training or lecture on the same theme. Have just now had 3 lectures to Region Västerbotten on this topic. 

For my own lectures on the subject of loss of a child and codependency / strengthening self-esteem, the lecture costs SEK 5000 plus VAT and you choose which direction you want on your particular lecture