For the best results of your visit to me, I want to start by saying that I don't believe all at once and then it's good. Therapy is not a quick fix, but there are so many who would feel so much better if they tackle their problems. I want to help people who come to me and I don't sit with a magic wand, but often there is a hard job by you, after we meet.

It is important that the personal chemistry is correct for you when you go and talk to someone. I know I can help you to a better feeling. In order for everything to feel right, I offer a 30 min free consultation at the first meeting and this we can advantageously take over the phone or we will see you in my room

If you want us to "meet" via Zoom, the same times apply for booking, but you choose "Distance call" instead. The cost of the call is charged in advance via Swish 123 503 5837.

Conversational    Privat 50 min

 In my room or via zoom if you live further away. The first call is for 30min and free of charge and then it is this price list that applies                           

970:-  incl. VAT

Couples therapy   Privat 90 min

Ett längre samtal där ni båda ska få er röst hörd

Walk & Talk therapy     Privat 50 min   

 We go on a nice walk and combine physical and mental needs

Energy therapy (Hypnosis therapy)     Privat Ca 90 min       

"Guided meditation"          

We start with a conversation and after this we go ahead and carry out a treatment and then end with a conversation where we "tie up" the bag.

1450:- incl. VAT

Heling treatment    Privat 70 min (not possible on distance)

This treatment is deeply relaxing and amazing when you feel tired, energy drained, have anxiety, headaches, pains, are stressed, and have been or are burned out.

Lecture "Codependency - From re-evaluated to self-directed"

A lecture about myself, my life and how I have come out of my own addiction/codependency and built self-esteem and the tools for you to succeed in the same thing

Codependent course physical in my room 6 sessions x 4 hrs

The course also includes course literature, work material and coffee at our meetings. Bring your own lunch or steadier coffee. The possibility of heating food is available, as well as a refrigerator.

Codependency course internet-based (approx. 6 months)

The course includes a course portal and work material as well as zoom meetings every 3 weeks with follow-up on material. If you take this course, you also have a discount when you book complete calls during the course period. On this course there is the possibility of partial payment of 3 or 6 months.

14700:- incl. VAT

Company price list

We develop these based on the need that exists for your company and the person's needs.


I take cards and swish and it is also possible to split your payment via regular invoice if you want.