Does life feel hopeless sometimes? Does it feel as if everything you have laughed at before or everything that has previously made you happy, all of a sudden just feels hard and tiring? Do you feel alone and no one to juggle your thoughts and feelings with?

Many times you might answer yes to some or one of the questions above, but that's when I come in. I who run the company LiVe Terapi & development center are just for you. To help you get your hopes back up. To realize that you as a person can get help from a trained therapist who is passionate about your well-being.

Linda Vesterberg

Certified Counselor

"Find the engine and strength in yourself"

"Remove your old obstacles and fears"


Sometimes you wake up and realize that you no longer have all the control. Life has taken a different turn and you may feel lost and confused. Problems that you have not previously paid attention to can be perceived as overwhelming. You may have a hard time seeing how to move forward. Sometimes you may then need a conversation with someone trained, to "get back on the right side of the road". My knowledge is, among other things, to help people find their way out of an addiction / codependency of some kind, with my specialization with a great focus being within the latter, codependency.

I also have knowledge in sex and relationship addiction, as well as in grief and trauma. You may not even be aware of the problem you are carrying and then it is important that we take an initial consultation call and figure out how to work with your particular problems. It may also be that you grew up in a so-called dysfunctional family, where your needs and wishes as a child were not met. Then I have my methods to help you get ahead.

"Hope you choose to invest in yourself"


Going to a therapist and getting help can sometimes be costly, but it must be put in relation to feeling and what you can get. If you want to find ways out, you want to get a change in your life and if you want to feel better, whether it is to eat after an expensive diet, work out at some hip gym or feel better mentally, it costs. I want you to see this as an investment in yourself and for you to choose to come to me. We can always look at solutions for how the payment should work.


When you go to a therapist, it is also important that the chemistry is correct. It is important that you feel safe and have confidence in the person you are going to meet. It is important that you feel that the very "tools" that I have to offer are right for you. You should be aware that all methods can be combined to give you the best results. Use my unique offer and take advantage of 30 minutes of free consultation so you get to "feel" me and if I am right for you.