The course is available as an internet-based variant that starts up in spring and autumn. This course is set up in a course portal where you slowly work your way through each chapter. We will have continuous zoom meetings where we go through the assignments and you will also have different tasks to work with in addition to course material between the different zoom meetings. We will also have some theme weeks where we work in depth with certain behavior patterns that we can be stuck in. This course lasts for about 6 months and if you want to book a private call, you have these at a better price during the course period.

At certain times during the year, a course in premises in Luleå will also be offered. During this course, which is scheduled for 6 sessions x 4 hours / time, we will work our way through the steps a recovery needs in the form of understanding, insights and new paths to choose. This will be possible to do in a group with a maximum of 6 participants. This is because group processes give you more back, as you also get a lot of therapy from hearing others talk about their experiences.

Codependency is in some ways, a bigger problem than addiction as it affects so many more people. I usually stick my neck out and say that codependency is Sweden's most common public disease. Around each addict there are usually 4 people or more who are affected, but it is almost always only the addict who gets help.

Many municipalities have started codependency treatment, but this is not at all possible to the extent necessary. The ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) is also an organization that can help the codependent to get support and help where they are and is not only a place for those who have had alcohol and drugs as the major problems but where they have had some kind of dysfunctional behavior in the family.Most people who grow up with addiction or dysfunctional patterns in the family experience trauma-like problems that need to be addressed. People with unprocessed codependency problems often show up in care when the injuries manifest themselves physically.