A dream I have had for many years was to train as a therapist and help people feel good. That I am passionate about helping others, is not an understatement and I really feel that it is my calling in life. To be able to follow you on your mental journey where you, with help and support from me, develop to become the best version of yourself, what could sound more exciting?!

I have a broad knowledge that is also my own experience and I know what I'm talking about, both when it comes to addiction / codependency, but also when it comes to grief and trauma as I myself have gone through a great grief and that's why I can stick my neck out and say that I really know how I can get you to reclaim your life!

  • Therapist/Addiction 
  • TherapistGrief & Trauma 
  • TherapistCodependency Therapist
  • Hypnotherapist/Heling practicions
  • Havening Technique (ONGOING)
  • Other Spiritual Courses