I passed 40 a few years ago and then something happened. I then came to the realization that I wanted to take up a dream I had had for many years, which was to train as a therapist and help people feel good. After careful consideration, I decided. That I am passionate about helping others is not an understatement and I really feel that it is my calling in this life. To be able to follow you on your mental journey where you, with help and support from me, develop to become the best version of yourself, what could sound more exciting?!

I have also taken my education further in many respects, educated myself in both hypnotherapy and in grief and trauma therapy. I have a very holistic mindset of how we can feel good. For me, this means that body and mind are connected and that through these thoughts you can also try different methods to find just the ones that work best for you.

When it comes to starting to feel good, it's to strengthen love for yourself and that's also what I want to help you with.

Before I decided on education, I searched long and hard to find the one that was to my liking. I chose Lifecap AB. They perform boarding school, where you work a lot in process with yourself. It suited me brilliantly. I think the best way to be able to help others is to work off your own "baggage".

My first year (base year) I went to Cognitive Coach, then I filled up with 12-step therapist for a year and finally I studied a year in therapeutic hypnosis (Energy / Hypnotherapist). I have also taken a course in grief processing and then chose to train as a Grief and Trauma Therapist and right now I am also registered to go and certify myself in the Havening Technique. I took that education back in 2016, but never went on to cerification and now I feel that this is a method that I want to integrate into my other work. More on that will be included on my page in the future.

I have also undergone a certification training in codependency and I run groups within this regularly during the year. The course I teach is called "Codependency - From world-controlled to self-directed" and you can read more about them under the tab. What became new during Covid-19 is that I also offer this as an online course and then it is for just over 6 months, where you get a lot of good things. If you do not live in Luleå and the surrounding area, you can take part in the course anyway.