If we are to talk about Healing, it is a soft and at the same time effective treatment method for, for example, pain and stress, anxiety and physical and mental tension. Here I work with the body's natural healing processes and replenish the energy supply - a method with many uses in our modern society. The form of healing that I use originates from Japan, but has millennial roots in Tibet, among other places. I called it REIKI before and that's the healing I started with and the name is in Japanese and consists of two words: rei, meaning "universal", and ki, meaning "life energy" and corresponding to chi and prana in India. Universal life energy refers to the highest known energy level, which is then divided into "lower" energy levels in different contexts, such as the energy one works with in Tai Chi.

My healing works on several levels at the same time, partly through the physical touch, which activates "feel-good hormones" in the body such as oxytocin, and partly through the body's subtle energy system such as acupuncture and acupressure. There are also similarities with therapies such as Hypnosis / Energy Therapy, which involves finding the painful memories stored in the body in the form of physical tensions and blockages during deep relaxation and therapeutic conversation, and the client can then let go of what caused the pain in the first place.

Healing is a holistic treatment method, which assumes that the body and psyche are a whole. Therefore, you often treat the whole body, even if you have problems that are perceived as limited to a certain place. I myself have trained as a Reikimaster / Teacher but will not currently run my own courses in the subject. I work today with completely pure healing and do not want to put any direct name on it but in short, the energies that are the best for you go in and heal, strengthen up, where you have the most energy leakage.